CPAN Pull Request Challenge 2015- Day 1

Neil Bowers announced the CPAN Pull Request Challenge for 2015 on 20th November 2014.  The idea behind this Challenge is to encourage people to contribute to Perl and to make contributing to Perl less scary and more fun.

Figuring it could be:

  • useful to hone my perl skills, 
  • learn some of the CPAN modules out there,
  • look at different coding styles and
  • work in a focussed way on specific task with a measurable outcome

I signed up this week and quickly received my first assigment - Devel::Comments.  The package has been developed by XIONG but he doesn't seem to have been active with it for some years.

I checked the module on CPAN, signed into github and forked and cloned the repository.

There are three issues in the queue, some fails in testing and some suggestions for further development left by Xiong.

One of the queue issues is easy peasy - already fixed - the other two require more grokking.

I also have no idea how useful this package is to anyone.