Git Notes

A collection of notes on my git usage. 

See also my git over ssh post.

Retrieving a file from some previous commit

I'm using git as a way to store backups without having too many files cluttering the directory.  As any sysadmin type knows it's important to be able to retrieve a backup file so I use the following to help me do that - keeping just the latest backup live on the disk.

Retrieving a file two commits back:

git checkout HEAD^^ <file>

Retrieving a file from a specific commit?  First find the SHA id of the commit you want to retrieve from.  

git log /* gets a list of the commit SHA ids */

Then use it in the checkout command

git checkout <SHA id> <file>


Useful git/github reads

Why GitHub is not your CV 

A really good article on curating your presentation to propsective employers.  I especially like this

here’s what happens when I don’t get enough sleep: I have panic attacks, and end up in A+E

(so glad I'm not the only one)

Various people have made the case that it’s your portfolio ... Here’s the thing: it’s not. A portfolio is an edited collection of professional and personal work that someone working in the visual arts uses to present their best face to possible clients

and finally 

the demographic make-up of open source contributors is even more skewed toward white men than the software industry is, which is saying something

with references to Ashe Dryden's work in this area.

If you haven't read up on white privilege yet,  take a read of Peggy McIntosh's 'White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack'.