Creating a brush in Gimp 2.8

yellow watercolour

The user manual entry for creating a new brush using the GIMP is somewhat succinct so I experimented with it.

  • I used the WaterColor_Ink_08.jpg image from this watercolor set available from Creative Market.
  • First I trimmed out the background and saved a scaled down image.
  • Using File->Export to export the image as a brush, I copied the resulting file into my brushes directory and refreshed my list of brushes. So now I had a yellow brush.
  • I then used Image->Mode->Greyscale to transform the image into a grey scale item and then exported that as a brush. This time I got a brush that would take on the active foreground colour.

The key items here are

  • converting the image to a greyscale mode - this allows the brush to take on the foreground colour you choose.
  • exporting to the gbr file format - the manual entries I've read use the 'Save As ..' feature of Gimp 2.6 and earlier.  This has now been moved to the Export function.