My March Assigment in CPR2015 - Filter::CommaEquals

I skipped February for domestic reasons; serendipitiously missing an assigment anyway.

I got Filter::CommaEquals this month.  Domestic problems continued but fortunately Filter::CommaEquals is remarkably succinct.  Including all whitespace there's around 100 lines in of which 17 can be regarded as code of any description.  Of these 17 lines, there are two comments, 5 blank lines, 3 for the package paraphenalia, 3 for inheritance and good behaviour of the 'use strict; use warnings;' variety and four lines of code.  Of that four lines of code, three are the synatactic sugar surrounding a regular expression.

Amazing how succinct Perl can be.

I found some POD that wasn't working so I corrected that - although the installation I got via cpan afterwards contains similar corrections along with other improvements so the pull request will probably not be merged.

GRYPHON uses Travis CI and Coveralls to build and track code coverage.

Onwards and upwards ....

Lesson learned this month: Compare the github repository with the cpan version.  But which do I take as the one to work with ???