April CPR 2015 HTML::FormFu::DBIx::Model

This month's assigment is HTML::FormFu::DBIx::Model.
After my experience in March, where the cpan and github repos had differences I decided to clone the github repository and download and build the module via the interactive command cpan.
The github fork and clone went without a hitch but I found trouble with the cpan plan fairly early on.

I set debug all to see if I could understand what was happening. The results are quite verbose and I'm a complete beginner at this but here are extracts from the redirected output file.

Here's my get command starting off:

My March Assigment in CPR2015 - Filter::CommaEquals

I skipped February for domestic reasons; serendipitiously missing an assigment anyway.

My first Pull request

So I sorted out my first pull request today.

Things I learned:

  • qr is a neat way of quoting a regexp for later use .... 
  • github doesn't let you upload new branches - I had to create the branch on the forked repo on git hub. pull that, re-commit the changes, push that.  I know for next time.
  • set push.default - I'm using current - it works!
  • how to create a pull request.

So there you go ... the changes were trivial, simply deleting a line using version 0.77.




CPAN Pull Request Challenge 2015- Day 1

Neil Bowers announced the CPAN Pull Request Challenge for 2015 on 20th November 2014.  The idea behind this Challenge is to encourage people to contribute to Perl and to make contributing to Perl less scary and more fun.

Figuring it could be:

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